The names of the fallen from World War One
(as listed on Burbage War Memorial)

Private J D Adkin (Biography)

Private J L Aldridge (Biography)

Private J T Allen (Biography)

Private J Alsop (Biography)

Private J R Arnold (Biography)

Private J H Asbury (Biography)

Private C Barnes (Biography)

Private F Barnes (Biography)

Private H Bass (Biography)

Private B Bates (Biography)

Private C R W Bradbury (Biography)

Private W Bradshaw (Biography)

Private F Burton (Biography)

Sergeant S Caldwell (Biography)

Private T Campton (Biography)

Private C J Chamberlain (Biography)

Private D Charles (Biography)

Private H Charles (Biography)

Private A Cook (Biography)

Corporal J Cook (Biography)

Lance Corporal T Cox (Biography)

Second Lieutenant A W Dudley (Biography)

Private F Forryan (Biography)

Private E E Foxon (Biography)

Private S C Foxon (Biography)

Private M G Gamble (Biography)

Private A H Ghent (Biography)

Private J Grimes (Biography)

Lance Corporal T H Hamlet (Biography)

Private J Hill (Biography)

Private W Hinton (Biography)

Private H James (Biography)

Private E H C Kelsey (Biography)

Private R G Kelsey (Biography)

Private A Kennell (Biography)

Lance Corporal G S Kirby (Biography)

Private W H Letts (Biography)

Sergeant G Musson (Biography)

Private S H Musson (Biography)

Private P Malkin MM (Biography)

Private J Moore (Biography)

Private W Neal (Biography)

Private J Newcombe (Biography)

Private F Newman (Biography)

Private A J Paul (Biography)

Private J Paul (Biography)

Second Lieutenant H S Pilgrim (Biography)

Private D Robertson (Biography)

Private B Robinson (Biography)

Second Lieutenant W G Robinson (Biography)

Private B Rowe (Biography)

Private G Rowley (Biography)

Private G N Scott (Biography)

Private L Shilton (Biography)

Private A Smith (Biography)

Private A E Smith (Biography)

Lance Corporal P Starkey (Biography)

Corporal J Towers (Biography)

Gunner S R Tunnicliffe (Biography)

Private W Webster (Biography)

Private H Wormleighton (Biography)

Lance Corporal W Wormleighton (Biography)

Private S Worthington (Biography)

Private F Wyles (Biography)