Events 2019

Thursday 7 February

Annual General Meeting with illustrated review of Burbage Heritage in 2018.

Thursday 7 March

Ladies of Leicestershire with David Bell - Ladies who have made their mark in history and have been influential in their time.

Thursday 4 April

Save our Weeds with Tracey Beaty - Perhaps not all weeds are as dreadful as we think.

Thursday 2 May

An illustrated talk including images of Hinckley and Burbage past with Paul Gardener of Hinckley District Past and Present.

Sunday 12 May 10.00am - 4.00pm Burbage Common

Burbage Common Open Day -The group will be holding a display.

TBC May/June

Coach trip around local villages illustrating their heritage and history with guides Greg Drozdz and Stan Rooney - Details and cost to follow.

Thursday 6 June

The Dog's Trust with Ella Tonge - Caring for our dumb friends.

Thurday 4 July

Sir William Turville of Aston Flamville with Katie Bridger - William Turville a prominent Catholic at a time when it was dangerous to profess one's religious allegiances.

Wednesday 10 July

Outside visit to Newstead Abbey home of Lord Byron with guided tour and tea. Possible visit to his burial site at Hucknell Church - Details and cost to follow.

Thursday 1 August

Joseph Roberts a Grocer of distinction with Brian Johnson - Joseph Roberts founded his business in Leicester which grew to become the largest wholesale grocer in the Midlands.

Thursday 5 September

History of Leicester's Trams with Mike Greenwood - Possible visit to the garage could be arranged.

Thursday 3 October

Street names of Burbage with Sylvia Whitworth- An update on the stories behind street names including new estates built in the area.

Thursday 7 November

The 1928 Battlefield Pilgrimage with Greg Drozdz - Remembering the families from Burbage who travelled to France and Belgium to find where their loved ones were buried.

Thursday 5 December

The art of the Christmas Card with Danny Wells - Exploring the history and art of the Christmas Card and how designs have changed over the years.

All meetings are at the Burbage Congregational Church, Church Street,  Burbage, LE10 2DD commencing at 7.00 pm unless otherwise stated - Non-members £3.00 per meeting